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Our products have just the right mix of beauty, elegance, and functionality — a blend of contrasting, distinguishing, distinctive design elements. Subdued and subtle and never intrusive, but with firm and unmistakable presence. The more you look at any one of them, the more you see. It’s like with good music. The first time you hear it you realize it has ‘something’. You don’t know what it is, but you keep listening, and as you do, it keeps getting better. We have our own unique signature and aim to set new standards in design, combined with comfort.

Lonc is environmentally conscious and fully embraces corporate social responsibility: our products are recyclable.

Lonc stands for timeless products with a long life cycle. Our designs combine simple curves with subtle movements. We believe in the authenticity of our products. They are unique, organic, modern, durable and made in Holland.

Sitting pretty in the future

Lonc says, “We’ve had enough of the throw-away economy. We want to play our part in the creation of a world without waste. We design our products to last for years and years. Retaining natural resources within the economy saves energy and money and preserves our environment. With intelligent design, we can reduce our consumption of raw materials and accordingly the costs as well. Preferably, we work with renewable resources. Biomass, for example, that replenishes itself and captures CO2. The lower the emission into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases, the better off we are. Everything that we make is completely recyclable or compostable. There are no toxic compounds in the glue or the paint we use. And we produce and assemble our products in the Netherlands, so there is no unnecessary shipping from far-off overseas locations.” Lonc is producing more and more products that are 100 percent circular. So that we’ll be sitting pretty in the future.


Steeler: tubular illusion

When designer Jan Nijland showed us his striking design for a bent steel tube chair, we thought for certain that we’d find something similar somewhere in our collection of classic design catalogs. But after hours and hours of searching, we were convinced – with the Steeler Jan has reinvented the classic tube chair with a design that creates the illusion that the seat is floating in space. In his design, Jan has devoted as much attention to the space between the elements as the elements themselves, to surprising and delightful effect.


Diabolo: Playful and practical

Fine design is serious stuff, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be playful as well. With our Diabolo lamp line, there’s just a hint of whimsy in a lamp that is well-suited to either a residential setting or a professional work space. Designer Elvin den Haan had been exploring lamp designs with conical shades reminiscent of the classic Tolomeo table lamp. Then he hit on the idea of connecting two cones into a double-barreled shade and the result was an hourglass shape that reminded him of the “diabolo” that street performers and children of all ages the world over toss and spin for entertainment and amusement. So was born the Diabolo.


Clip-board high and mighty

An extra edition to our succesfull Clip-board serie. Weather at work or at play the 110cm high table and 80cm bench are here to stay.
Designer: Patrick Kusters


Lonc Seaser:

GIO award 2011 and reddot 2012 award winner

The Seaser and Teaser, award winner GIO 2011/ reddot 2012 designed by Rogier Waaijer - whose primary design challenge was 'functional ergonomics' - is a striking lounge chair that represents connectivity and interaction between product, surroundings and user. The chair entices us to sit down. Naturally one takes an open and extroverted sitting position, focusing on the surroundings or interlocutor. Meanwhile safely embraced by the solid armrests. The design classic of tomorrow. Dutch Design: made in Holland.

Introducing Clip-board

Clip-board – a new twist on a time-tested design
For our Clip-board series, we’ve embraced one of the oldest construction principles around, the humble trestle, and turned it into an ingenious system for tables and benches that relies on the force of gravity – rather than hardware – for structural stability. The series consists of a modular table, bench and picnic table. The tabletop and bench seat are constructed of separate planks of durable FSC certified hardwood – four for the tabletops and three for the benches – that fit together or break down for easy storage. The trapezoidal trestles are tubular steel available in matte white or matte black powder coated versions.


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