Collection Cleaning Instructions
Caring for your Teaser, Beaser and Seaser (seat)


Spring cleaning
To keep the Seaser Teaser and Beaser (seat) in perfect condition you can use HG power cleaner (HG product 79).

HG power cleaner (HG product 79)
HG power cleaner is proofed to be a effective cleaner for the Seaser Teaser and Beaser. Dissolve 1 litre in half a bucket (5 l) of lukewarm water and apply with a cloth. Leave to work for approximately 10 minutes. Then remove the solution from the surface with a floor cloth, regularly rinsing and wringing it out in water. Use: +/- 25-50 m2 per litre. This product is developed for powerfull floor cleaning but don't be fooled! It is a perfect product for Lonc Polyethylene furniture. More information on this product: HG website