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Circular logic
Most of the lines are straight, or just slightly curved, but our elegant new chair – the Slim – is very circular. And by that, we mean that the primary materials in our new design are remnants of other products and processes, and that every bit of the chair is fully recyclable when (or if!) it reaches the end of its useful life.

Designer Jan Nijland’s goal with the Slim was to get as much out of as little as possible; the chair and tables are an exercise in sleek, functional, minimalism. And with this lightweight, stackable, and eminently sittable chair, he has certainly succeeded.

Because it is so light and can be easily stored, it’s a perfect solution for a congress center or a conference hall. it’s also a smart choice in a restaurant, a lunchroom, or a hotel. Indeed, with its slender lines and natural wood, this is an attractive and versatile chair- table combination that will fit smartly into any home or office.


The chair frame is made of Accoya wood, a softwood that is harvested from sustainably managed forests and plantations and then treated – in an environmentally friendly process – to substantially increase its durability. Accoya, the inventor of the process, guarantees that even in outdoor applications, the wood should last for 50 years.

Forbo Flooring Systems
The rigid seat and seat back are formed by pressing and gluing together in a mold a sandwich of two sheets of furniture linoleum – a natural product based on linseed oil that is produced by our partner Forbo – and a thin sheet of paper. What at first glance appear to be flat surfaces are revealed, on closer examination, to be gently curved for seating comfort. Both the furniture linoleum and the paper from which these seating components are made, are residual material flows of the Forbo production process.As is the case with all Lonc products, the Slim is produced in the Netherlands.


The table series consists of the following sizes: (h x l x d) 60x60cm compact 2 pers, 80x80cm semi compact 4 pers, 80x140cm 6 pers.


As a professional furniture designer, Jan Nijland (1950) is a relative newcomer, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a lifetime of experience behind him. Jan studied architecture and urban design at the Delft University of Technology and then embarked on a career as an architect and urban planner.
Recently retired, he began a new adventure designing furniture, using the insights he’d gained throughout his career. His first effort, Lonc’s Steeler, was an ingenious re-working of the classic tube chair. The chair was the recipient of the prestigious A Design Good Industrial Design award.

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