Lonc, a cocky brand

It is not by chance that the brand ‘Lonc, Living Products’ originated in the Caballero Factory. In this vibrant hub of the creative industry in The Hague, we have decided to join forces. Who are we? Two industrial designers, a graphic designer, an interior decoration expert and professional in the field of furniture production and logistics. We all have a minimum of fifteen years of experience in our field of expertise. We know what we want: to create our own brand. Of course we realize that we are swimming ‘against the current’ by launching a new label in a highly competitive shrinking market. But we’re still going to do it. Why? We believe in the authenticity of our products. They are different. Authentic. Organic. Of Dutch make. Durable (lasting). Modern. Timeless. Lonc is a design label with its own signature. We are not out to make quick buck on fast trends, and we don’t let ourselves be guided by economic peaks or depressions. What we want is to create products with a long lifecycle. This philosophy is reflected in our design: simple curves (combined with) subtle movements. All our products have just the right mix of all these elements to be convincing. Subdued but nonetheless very present. The more you look at it, the more you see it. It’s like with good music. The first time you hear it you realize it has ‘something’. You don’t know what it is, but you keep listening. It keeps getting better.

The Seaser, our first product, is a striking lounge chair which flirts with its surroundings. It embodies connection and interaction between product, surroundings and user. The chair entices us to sit. In ten years time it will be as current as it is now. Maybe the term ‘lounging’ will be coined ‘relaxing’ or ‘to recreate’. In all this is of no significance. What counts is comfort. Take a seat in this chair and experience what we mean with ‘functional ergonomics’. You naturally adopt an open and extrovert seating position, directed at your interlocutor or surroundings. Meanwhile the chair safely embraces you with its solid armrests. This is a well thought out product. We give new meaning to the term ‘socializing’. 
The Seaser does not comply with any trend. Unless it’s currently trendy not to be complying with any trends. In the current crisis other designers are returning back to basics. ‘Chairs are made with four legs, a back and a seat.’, this is what is currently written by the trend watchers. The Seaser however completely deviates from this idea. It is unique in its sort. It is made for people who appreciate upper end design products because of their originality and design. Take a seat and transcend the present day illusion. It is not a chair for people in a hurry but for the conscientious male and female of 2020. Call us cocky, and we thank you. For we sure are cocky.