Beaser ‘Wood’ | Stool


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Product specifications

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 52 × 59 × 56 cm

Red, Pink, Orange, Green, White, Taupe, Gray, Black, Petrol, Baby Blue


PE (Polyethylene) / Stainless steel / Wood frame


h: 52, w: 59, d: 56cm


ca. 8kg


in / outdoor


Easy to clean

Article code

P 020 1110


A stool that matches the cutlery

The Beaser Wood is a lovely marriage of two unlikely elements. Designer Rogier Waaijer has truly mixed media with this playful, practical, and above all, comfortable three-legged stool, mounting a rotationally moulded polyethylene seat onto the wooden legs. Three gently rounded pieces of dense, durable red-toned Cumaru, a sustainably produced, FSC-certified tropical hardwood, are affixed to a stainless steel base with “knife handle rivets”. You can’t help but to make the connection to wooden-handled cutlery.

The ergonomically shaped seat provides lower back support and comfortably accommodates all bodies, large or small. With a built in drainage slit, you can leave the Beaser Wood out on the patio and when the rain stops, it’s dry in just a few minutes. Of course, we’ve built it to stand up to the elements; Cumaru is so dense it is pretty much impervious to the elements, and the seat is wear and weather-resistant. But it’s so handsome, you may prefer it in the living room or the kitchen. In the workplace, the Beaser Wood is well suited to a myriad of uses – with its standard seating height of 45 cm, it’s ideal in an office, a restaurant, a lobby, or a waiting room.

Available in black, white and grey and seven vivid colours, it’s the logical extension of the growing Lonc product line, but this time, it’s been designed to match the cutlery. And in keeping with that theme, assembly is just about as easy as setting the table. “With wood, we bring more of a human touch to the products,” says designer Rogier Waaijer. “You can do things with wood that aren’t possible with other materials.” Still, the organic shapes that characterise Lonc’s indoor-outdoor line are evident in the Beaser Wood: gentle curves and subtle movement, warmth and elegance, but playfulness as well.