Clip-Board | Picnic Table

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Product specifications

Size Standard 220

Total size: h=75cm, w=220cm, d=185cm.
Tabletop: w=220cm, d=75cm.

Size Extended 385

Total size: h=75, w=385, d=185cm.
Tabletop: w=385cm, d=75cm.

Size Double Extended 550

Total size: h=75 cm, w=550cm, d=185cm.
Tabletop: w=550cm, d=75cm

Bench length

220 cm (each bench seats 4 people)

Wood type

Beech, Cumaru, Accoya, Rubberwood

Frame Color

Black, White


Wood, Steel


99 to 124kg depending on wood type

A Circular product, because we care ♥︎

We believe in building a trash free future and want to leave the world a better place. This is why we create our products as circular and environmentally friendly as possible. The Seaser is easy to recycle because it’s made from just one kind of material: Polyethylene. Once you’ve outlived your chair, feel free to send it back to us and we’ll make sure to give it a second life!

A new twist on a time-tested design

Often, less is more, and that’s proven once again with our Clip-board series. We’ve embraced one of the oldest construction principles around, the humble trestle, and turned it into an ingenious system for tables and benches that relies on the force of gravity – rather than hardware – for structural stability. Trestle tables have been around pretty much since the invention of tables, but never quite like the Clip-Board.

The Clip-board series consists of a modular table, bench and picnic table. In each variation, the weight of the hardwood tabletop and/or bench seat pushing against the trestle frame secures the structure with no additional hardware required. Because the planks fit through narrow openings at the top of the trestles, they act like levers that exert forces against the trestles to form the self-supporting structure.

The tabletop and bench seat are constructed of separate planks of durable FSC certified hardwood – four for the tabletops and three for the benches – that fit together or break down for easy storage. The trapezoidal trestles are tubular steel available in matte white or matte black powder coated versions

In each version – Clip-board Table, Clip-board Bench, or the Picnic combination picnic table and bench – the total bench length is 220 centimeters – long enough to comfortably accommodate 4 on each side.

The Clip-board series was designed by Patrick Kusters, a hands-on designer who sketches, saws, bends, shapes, and welds in his own workplace until he achieves his ideal of clean lines, archetypal shapes, and deceptive simplicity. “With my designs,” he says, “I try to surprise, inspire, and encourage frequent use. Nothing more, but then again, nothing less.”

The Clip-board series is a logical extension of the clean elegant lines that characterise the chairs and tables throughout Lonc’s product line. It can be easily combined with Lonc’s Easer or Easer Wood chairs, or its Beaser stools. You can mix and match for dining, meeting or work, indoors or outdoors, and you can break down any of the units to stow them away in a compact space or move them to another site. Very simple, very practical, very clever, in other words: very fine furniture.