Steeler | Chair

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With the Steeler Jan has reinvented the classic tube chair with a design that creates the illusion that the seat is floating in space. In his design, Jan has devoted as much attention to the space between the elements as the elements themselves, to surprising and delightful effect.

Inspired by Jan’s ingenious chair design, we asked him to supplement it with an ottoman and a 157 centimeter wide sofa to create the full Steeler series. All three items are equally suitable for private living rooms or studies, and commercial spaces such as hotel lobbies and offices.
The Steeler uses a base of 32 millimeter tubular steel bent and twisted into a single continuous loop that almost invisibly supports the seat and seatback. Because the support for the seat itself comes from the back of the chair, the Steeler features a seat that flexes comfortably at the front edge, and with the arms flared out at an inviting 6 degree angle, both the chair and the sofa communicate openness and a lightness that comes to especially good effect in undersized urban living rooms. The Steeler was awarded the GIO (Good Industrial Design) in 2018.