A small showcase of some of our favourite projects! Lonc furniture fits in any kind of environment. Check our references and 3D files.

HCVW hockey canteen

A fresh and modern canteen for HCVW in Wateringen The Netherlands. The Clipboard Picnic high and low tables fills the space with a mixture of a variety of seating sets and areas without losing uniformity. The design and colours turns this place into a playful, yet relaxing environment. There’s always an ideal Clipboard (picnic)table for your favorite gathering because sportsmanship fraternizes…

Camping in Bakkum

A concept for a new style of camping life. Spent a getaway in this unique, authentic panoramic tent, fully furnished and fully equipped. For instance sitting outside in the loungechair Seaser you will re-energize, make new memories and reconnect with friends and family. The Seaser series features a clean design and has a contemporary feel to its surroundings. It blends seamlessly together, from sunrise to sunset.

Caballero factory work spaces

The Caballero Factory is a former cigarette factory in The Hague, designed by F.A.W. van der Togt, where among others the cigarette of the brand Caballero was produced. It is now a multi-company building for companies in the creative and innovative sector. When coworkers sit together at the longThe A-Lowha tables and benches it’s not only fun, it also stimulates interaction and cooperation! The principle of the dynamic office was introduced. Everyone takes place where he/she wishes, nobody has a fixed workplace. Because working can also be fun!

Let’s build together

We’re always ready for a next project. Our circulair and modern furniture looks great everywhere.